Withdrawal Process

Notice of the withdrawl of a pupil must be given in writing to the principal at least one calendar month in advance or fees for one is to be paid in lieu of notice . if the written notice given covers a period less than one month , the fees due on the 1st of the next will be charged .


It is mandatory for students of classes X and XII to pay fees till march 2017

  • Before the examination all fees have to be cleared or else the student will not be allowed to sit for the Unit Examinations.
  • Fees should be paid between the 27th of the previous month and 7th of the current month, unless otherwise specified.
  • Fee defaulters will charged a fine of Rs.20/- per day till the end of the month . there after the name of the defaulter will be struck off the rolls and he/ she may lose the right to re-admission.
  • In case of re-admission the defaulter will have to pay a re-admission fee of Rs.500/- together with all arrears ad fines that are applicable.