Table Tennis

This Racquet game needs great suppleness in body and fast movement. We have included this sport in our planner as we believe it helps young people to grow faster, flexible, and prompt. Not only that, but these matches are also ways to discover the hidden gems.

If any student shows any special skill in the game (or any), we strive to train him/ her for bigger opportunities in inter-school level or other. We have arranged several TT matches beforehand and we will do in near future again. Involvement of sports is a major part of our successful education prospect this far.


No doubt, Cricket is one of the most popular games among youngster. Both boys and girls are regular followers of different cricket leagues, tournaments etc. But what happens when they have to play? We proudly say that our students are even more excited when it comes to school competitions.

We arrange Cricket matches for the different classes and our students spontaneously take part in it. We are firm believer of the benefits of sports in making a good human being and we take pride in offering our students these opportunities to grow bigger and better.


Nopany High is an ardent admirer of sports and we maintain the active involvement of different sports in our curriculum. One such game is Kabaddi that we have included in our sports planner. Kabaddi is a perfect team game to grow the sportsman spirit. Thus we arrange matches from time to time and involve our junior and senior students.

While the matches between the junior classes made them learn the true spirit, it helps the senior students to grow more modest and a better human being. Moreover, Kabaddi is a contact game and it requires high reflection and flexible body. So, we make sure, our students get it all.