Play Station

We know that the spirit of childhood is play. For children, education must be fun and not forced.Any activity done in the spirit of fun, is no work at all. Therefore  educational games and  activity oriented teaching serve as an effective platform for imparting valuable lessons to youngsters.With this objective in mind,Nopany High has recently introduced a play - station for the Primary School children ( Age group: 4yrs.- 7yrs.) ,that emphasises the spirit of freedom, spontaneity and enjoyment beyond the the confines of the four walls.

Games , activities and role-play have always been an essential part of our junior school curriculum. Play techniques and activities of various kinds help in developing motor skills and muscular development  in young children . Children learn much from playing - they learn how to interact with peers, adapt and develop new life skills , and also learn whole range of emotions.

Giving children a variety of play activities, help in development of their social skills , as a child learns more about the world from the games he/she plays. Nopany High play-station thus aims at harmonious development of the personality of children by taking care of their physical ,mental , emotional ,social and moral development.

In words of Ross : " Play is nature's own way of education of children". Our play station is so devised that the child finds absorbing interest in the school work.