Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Vikas Vidyalaya, a fully residential school, was first founded in 1952 at Ranchi whereas the main Nopany School in Kolkata was founded in January 1954 by the Nopany Education Trust to preserve and perpetuate the hollowed memory of the Late Shri Daulatramji Nopany. Set in the commercial hub of Kolkata. It continues today a tradition of 66 years in a well – balanced approach to education.

Education is imparted in a healthy and congenial atmosphere and due emphasis laid on character building and creativity. Students are provided ample opportunities to develop their personality through disciplined habits, sustained work, devotion to duty, honesty of purpose and spirit of co-operation.

Nopany has efficient and experienced teachers who are committed to academic excellence. The school provides a rich and diverse curriculum catering to the needs of each individual student. It strives for excellence in sports and culture, in social concern and in aesthetic values, where in students are encouraged and challenged to realize their full potential as human beings.

Our VisionObjectives :

  • To provide top level academic training.
  • To provide facilities for the development of all the faculties in the child: mental, moral, physical and emotional.
  • To instill in the young mind the importance of character, discipline and good habits.
  • To provide opportunities for the creative talents of young boys/girls so that innate abilities could spontaneously flourish in every direction.