Chairman's Message

I am delighted to welcome you to the Nopany High. Nopany High has been promoted by the Nopany Foundation. The Nopany Education Trust along with the Nopany Foundation has been successfully running Shri Daulatram Nopany Vidyalaya for nearly 55 years.

The objective of the institution is to provide excellence in education which is a stepping stone towards a bright future. I am confident, you will find in our institution friendly, progressive, responsive to the needs of the students.

Amenable to the fast changing global scenario in trying to impart skills of the highest quality. An innovative approach to teaching and learning is a distinctive feature of our programmes. We provide opportunities and use state of the art communication and information technology to support learning. We strive for continuous improvement in the quality of all our activities. All these make the Nopany High an exciting place to study.

Most importantly, we see ourselves as an international institute. As we live in a global community, it is essential that our teaching and learning environment as well as our research and community service, is underpinned by an international perspective.

Students can and should make a vital contribution to enriching the quality of the intellectual and social life of our institute. You add to the diversity of ideas expressed in the classroom, and to the range of cultural activities that are experienced outside it. The presence of so many talented minds from different parts of this country will ensure that the Nopany High will be an interesting and inspiring place to study, and will contribute to the creation of a dynamic, diverse community.

While becoming a part of a new and diverse community can be exciting, it can also be intimidating - atleast at first. The Nopany High recognises this, and provides a number of support programmes and staff to assist you with the transition to your new environment. You are welcome to personally seek the assistance of any faculty member at any mutually convenient time.

I hope that your experience at the Nopany High will be both challenging and rewarding.

Mr B.K. Nopany,
Nopany Group of Institutions